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Implant Dentistry

Implant Dentistry in Mount Laurel

implant dentistry

When you lose your teeth to an injury or dental decay, various problems begin to happen that can harm your health and appearance both. Bone loss in the jaw bone occurs, which compromises the integrity of adjacent teeth’s root and makes them lose their grip. Thereby, it is essential to replace the lost teeth as soon as possible. Eventually, it will help in maintaining the quality of neighboring teeth. Thus, nowadays, Dental Implants are the most popular alternative to your lost teeth. Previously, patients had to select from the limited options, including dentures, fixed bridges, and partials. But now, if you suffer a tooth loss, your dentist will recommend the Dental Implants, which is the most innovative dental procedure used to restore your natural smile.

Dental implants provide patients a safe, attractive, lifelong alternative to their lost teeth. A dental implant is a strong yet tiny titanium alloy screw which serves as an artificial tooth root. It is drilled into your jawbone and completely fuses with the surrounding bone. Dentists used it to support a dental prosthesis/artificial tooth, just like your original root supported the crown. Priorly, dental implants were used to help an individual crown only. Still, now there are used as support for dental bridges and dentures too.

Dental implants have achieved the highest success rate amongst all the other teeth restorative options. About 95% of people have had their dental implant procedures by a dental specialist without any risk or complication. Also, dental implants are the perfect clones of the natural teeth. They are designed to fit exactly like the other teeth in your mouth. They are almost not distinguishable from your original teeth. Dental implants also provide the most unique and satisfying chewing experience, enabling you to enjoy your favorite foods without any pain or discomfort. The traditional procedures involved trimming of adjacent healthy teeth but, with the dental implants, other teeth don’t suffer. Dental implants ensure that your healthy teeth stay strong.

Dental implants also remodel the jawbones to overcome the bone loss. It also restores your facial contours making you feel confident and beautiful. So, if you’re missing a tooth, don’t worry because dental implants are here for your rescue.

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