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Denture Implant


In some cases, due to a genetic disorder, periodontal disease, or dental trauma such as toothache, patients tend to have their teeth removed. In the U.S, almost 14.5% of senior citizens have their tooth extracted, and there is a percentage of 11.7 denture implants in New Jersey.

It might seem a little unpleasant; however, with the advance medical procedure, now, patients can take the partial or full dentures fixation to resolve their discomfort and bring back their attractive smiles.

The Denture Implantation

The primary reason for denture implants New Jersey to conduct denture implantation is to give back the patients their natural facial features and restore their support base. The denture is a natural-looking set of teeth that are implanted in the patient’s mouth to replace either two or more teeth, upper arch, lower arch, or used to refurbish both dental arches.

A replacement of the entire upper and lower arch (all teethes) is known as complete denture implantation. It is conducted in the following ways,

1. It can be inserted after the whole surgical procedure or extraction sites are healed.

2. It can be inserted right after the last teethes are extracted, which means on the same-day surgical procedure.

An immediate denture replacement has many benefits, such as the patients will have an opportunity to go out with their youthful look and complete teeth. However, it may take some adjustments and remodeling of tissues and a post healing time.

Anchoring Your Face Structure

Partial implantation completes the foundation of a face structure by fabricating the dentures where needed. It replaces the effected teethes and acquires the necessary support that helps the jaw in sustain with the surrounding area.

A strategically placed implant can be a solution to most of the cases, and by having clasps on the teeth can provide robust support to the entire face structure to keep your beautiful smile alive. 

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